Don Davenport
cat: DECNY023
rel: 9/11/2007
gen: house

Strut, the first release from the album, is a sexy and eclectic blend of electro, house and funk, seasoned with a shitload of attitude. Guaranteed to satisfy the most fickle of dance aficionados, there are enough mixes on this plate to keep everyone interested.

Eight mixes on this package with a wide variety of sounds: beat down mixes hail from the coast of Florida, compliments of beat master Mista A, whose "bump the rump mix" will shake and hurt. The Raker Project offers a Tenaglia-esque sound with rolling drums and haunting undertones and a groove that will keep you pumping. An electro ride with a Trance feel has been mastered by "stupid pricks" very own Nathan Heinze. Meanwhile Freddie Edmond takes you to for a spin on the West Coast with his bumpy style and high swing. Harlem, New York still keeps it real and underground with the deep tech massage compliments of new talent Lou Peoples. Let's not forget the eclectic progressive style from Germany, brought by sTeReO with his "bigfunktrack" mix!