Vladimir Neuymin
cat: DECNY030
rel: 11/12/2008
gen: house

Vladimir Neuymin rocked us earlier this summer with his hit ETFS. Now the remixes are here to start the heat for this fall ride. Still dark, still chunky and all drum vibes.. Part 2 is just as nuts as part 1.

Kickin off the pack is super duo Vukas and Costanzo, givin' you main room quality for peak hour action. These boys are everywhere, turning it for the masses and giving it to us also. Other blow out mixes hail from Dubai with J-deeps "Dirty Creature remix", with deep dark undertones, blending seamlessly with it's tribal and rhythmic drum sequence, it's not hard to get lost in this anthem. Super agent 33 gives a chunky operatic rendition with some Salvo Mea clippings and a healthy array of drum progressions will lift you to another realm and leave you in the trenches of that Decibel NYC sound.