Slinky Secrets
The Undah-Dub
cat: DECNY034
rel: 06/24/2009
gen: house

the dynamic duo of Undah-dub and super voice Grier are at it again! this time it's a funky junky called "Slinky Secrets". Imagine that beautiful someone in the club that you know has got the goods but smoke, mirrors and beauty keep their dirty side at bay just to save face... this is the song to protest against those types! "... the dirty ones you think of, too hot and moist and pinky for slinky secrets!" that should say it all. i guess it's literally asking those tricks to unlock that vault and let us in, cuz we might have to take it by force.
Undah-dub pops off one of his funkiest and quirkiest numbers yet, with a steller electro type remix that completely seals the power of this song in a new compact form, fit for radio or clubs, this vocal driven gem will drive everyone crazy. CJ Burken ducks his head out of the lab to serve us the "slinky peoplez remix". the vocal mix is a deep and abstract journey into radio space. this is a vintage journey from the master himself, you do not want to miss. And for the boys in the big room, you might want to check out DJ Noxxer's twisted version: he beefs up the soundtrack with a pumping drum kick, crazy bass line and a lot of moaning - perfect for that 3 a.m. light show. trust us, with any of these mixes there will be no wrong turns here tonight. gets to goin!