Finish What You Started
Mad Cows
cat: DECNY036
rel: 02/04/2009
gen: house, electronica

Swooping in to save the new years, Mad Cows (undah-dub and breeze) return with their annual dose of madness. Coming in off the heels of it's successor "Spies", "finish what you started" is showing a new minimal acid side to this sordid duo. Still with the big room madness, but another face that you haven't gotten to see. But don't worry, we didn't forget you ballroom drum headz. We gave the drama too our in-house crew. From big man on top, Noxxer, he serves his serious Portugal tech tech rendition and leaves no stone unturned. Super Agent 33 and IVI-R bang it out on the drum and fx circuit, keeping the stomp factor alive. And our resident electro king, Nathan Heinze returns for a brilliant version just to shake the taste buds down. Every morsel is a sweet pill waiting to be taken over and over, just when you think you are done, you find more to play with, but we always "Finish What We Started"!