Double Trouble EP
cat: DECNY039
rel: 01/21/2009
gen: trance

Danny Bellens give us something a little different to present to your audio collection. A true progressive trio in classic format. Big drums and haunted melodys are ready to bring your dancefloors to a collective thrust. Feel the dark synthy overtones of "double trouble" it sets the tone for the trilogy and gets your feet started, lovely. Working our way to track 2, the standout thrasher "G.A.A.N.", won't let you go. You can try to stop but the chokehold is a death grip. For a supreme finisher, feast on the almost trancelike monster "The Fullmoonlight" it grips just like the title suggests, turns you from man and changes you too beast. Something new for our audience, hope you enjoy listening and playing as much as we enjoy giving!