cat: DECNY041
rel: 09/15/2009
gen: house

Tension is the appropriate word for this club banger. DECNY artist Fuze delivers a dark, gritty and techy single with his signature drums and mind-freakish electro synth lines; his "Timebomb" mix will make your floor blow up! And while you are regaling on this high, Mista A's "Screamin' drums dub" roars through and is exactly what the name says: drums of life and a nasty groove that takes this song a little higher and delivers your clubbers right to the middle of the main room floor.
Raker Project's "Wide open" mix is truly a big-room jerker, just structured with a deep core and synth chords oriented vibe, while still not loosing the big heavy bottom rumble, just waiting to bounce you off your feet, even off the walls. Gaty Lopez's minimal approach is simple yet effective; an intoxicating rhythm with a great groove throughout, in line with the latest production gems out of our Italian artist.
Super Agent 33 makes his mark on this single with 2 mixes that are simply ridiculous! Extremely big, extremely gritty and extremely... extreme! It's a musical rousing of noise and drums, drums and noise. It is wild and you will have to hear it for yourself to appreciate and grasp it.
Take home a little bit of "Tension" today, won't you? The grit is worth it.