Road To Nowhere EP
cat: DECNY046
rel: 12/13/2011
gen: tech-house

Making his debut appearance on Decibel NYC, Phillie's very own S.A.M. releases a superb 2-track EP with the dubious title: "Road To Nowhere". However, as many have discovered accidentally, you will shortly find that he is instead firmly grounded on the highway to success everywhere, longevity and empowerment. Banging tech beats and deluxe supreme Funk with melodic craftsmanship, this up-and-coming artist is setting himself apart from the pungent and crowded pack of dime-a-dozen producers who sprout from the grass every day. Look for plenty more noteworthy productions from S.A.M. as he is steadfastly busy working on new gems with his partner (and soon to join the label too) "Hiway". They both will be transcending the norm and setting dancefloors afire all across the U.S., from here on out! Tell all your friends!
All tracks written by S. Richmond. Produced by S.A.M. Mastered at Lab152 Studios, NYC by K. Donaldson. Artwork Design by CJ Burken. Sounds of M Publishing [bmi] Copyright 2011 - Decibel NYC Recordings. All rights reserved.