Big Bad Fierce EP (vol 1)
Super Agent 33
cat: DECNY048A
rel: 11/01/2011
gen: progressive house

Super Agent 33 returns to the Decibel NYC homefront with a killer new EP for the new seasonal turnaround. This go around, we present 3 volumes of this amazing body of work with 3 tracks each, to give you more, more, more. Each track in the series totally represents what Super Agent 33 is known for: "Big, Bad and Fierce" beatwork. Incredible and excellent drum cuts and production keep these 3 floor ragers building higher, harder and faster. Hot on the heels of his acclaimed and well-received "Pushing Higher EP". These tribal standouts should keep you situated and lingering on the dancefloor for a very long time.
All tracks written and produced by Super Agent 33