Big Bad Fierce EP (vol 2)
Super Agent 33
cat: DECNY048B
rel: 11/08/2011
gen: tech house

The 2nd installment of this 3-pack monster takes the "Big, Bad, Fierce" concept even further. This time around, three new styles/genres and three new sound ranges to twist the original classics into bona fide beasts. Big and Bad receives a new treatment from label newbie Cam Munro. Hailing from Australia, this tech wizard weaves a serious organic tech tone to the title track, merged with particular bits and essentials from the original version. "Be Fierce" resurfaces as a super techno-styled aggression that is clean, crisp and heavy. Done masterfully by DBell (Danny Bellens), his signature sound is definitely going to turn heads. "The Glitch" this time is flipped and reworked by Massimiliano Guaiana, becoming a new sensation on its own, with his unique tech-house charm and brilliant engineering prowess. The deep beat and creeping tempo takes nothing away from it's pure aggression; definitely not to be missed!
#1 remixed by Cam Munro. #2 remixed by Denny Bellens. #3 remixed by Massimiliano Guaiana Mastered at Lab152 Studios, NYC. Sounds of M Publishing [bmi] All rights reserved.