Big Bad Fierce EP (vol 3)
Super Agent 33
cat: DECNY048C
rel: 11/15/2011
gen: progressive house

Completing this Super/Monster series, volume 3 is an fitting book-ending to such a "Big Bad and Fierce" package. Nathan Heinze is back with an electro-cum-tribal fusion that is the perfect blend to attract and win over a wide audience. "Big and Bad" will re-introduce you to this eclectic artist, if you aren't familiar already. "Be Fierce" this time gets to be showcased in its intended original production as an extended mix. If you are a fan of volume 1' s daring yet timid edit, then this is where you'll get to savor this gem as it was intended to be ridden. More to love right here! Wrapping up the trilogy of the trilogy is a deep funky stepper by The Undah-Dub. doing what he's all to known for; he takes his usual intense dissection approach to an already tense song and tenses it even more, till the last drop. "The Glitch" keeps working until the buildup is unexpectedly morphed into a sleek, house stomper for the mother of all dancefloors.
All tracks written by Super Agent 33. #1 remixed by Nathan Heinze. #2 remixed by Super Agent 33. #3 remixed by The Undah-Dub. Mastered at Lab152 Studios, NYC. Sounds of M Publishing [bmi] All rights reserved.