Big Girl Pill
The Undah-Dub featuring La Veda
cat: DECNY049
rel: 06/07/2011
gen: house

Have you ever had to take your BIG GIRL PILL? lol... Indeed, a lot of you readers are shaking your heads in approval. Then you know what it is all about and it is about time that someone made a track about it...
Nuff Said... Check this final set of remixes from the NO Vacancy album by The Undah-Dub, featuring the unforgettable voice of La Veda.
The final single from the acclaimed LP "No Vacancy" is nothing short of a closing number worthy of an encore! | Featuring the sultry vocals of La Veda, this song serves an uplifting message no matter if your glass is half-full or half-empty. Written by The Undah-Dub and a real testament to true songwriting, fans will get swept up in the groove, melody, beat, vocals and emotion. | Remixed by the wonderful Gaty Lopez into a solid deep Tech House anthem, get yourself up and get down while you take your "BIG GIRL PILL!"