No Vacancy
The Undah-Dub
cat: DECNYCD03
rel: 03/11/2009
gen: house, electronica

The Undah-Dub releases his first full-length LP on Decibel NYC Recordings, a serious collection of mixed beatdowns, double entendres and a world of substance. The kids won't be able to help themselves when the assorted tech grooves move them frantically from a 2-step to full on head-spinning dancefloor takeover. Accompanying these driving grooves are also some great songs with really phat hooks. Stand out vocals reign supreme with "Slinky Secrets" featuring long-time friend Grier and "Big Girl Pill" with jazz vocalist, La Veda. You'll have to listen repeatedly to this album because it's like water, you just can't get enough of this natural element. The journey continues with a number of kitschy and sexy vocal singles like "We Don't Do Drive-Byes" featuring Breeze, and the husky Summer winner "Like Sex" featuring newcomer Digable7; so irresistible that the neighbors might ask you to quit repeating it, or turn it up louder.

In traditional Undah-Dub fashion, he didn't forget or ignore his 4-to-the-floor fly kids, so he whipped up some tech-house tracks that are not too be f*cked with. Uber grooves like "Feel Me", "Play More, Say Less", "Courtisane Couture" and the funky first single "Upgrade" are just a few of some sneaky, dj friendly bombs made especially for the dance floor and not too be missed.

Sealed tight with a number of spoken word interludes, written and performed by the poet Blue, this 18-track conglomerate is nothing short of fabulous. Immerse yourself in the love, the shade, the humor and seriousness of the various themes examined on this album and delivered in jaw-dropping, foot-stomping, hand-clapping and body-jacking grooves, presented to you, raw and unadulterated. Enter The Beat hotel, if you dare, but beware, everyone wants to be here, but right now there is "No Vacancy": The kids have brought their dancing gears and are refusing to leave.