We Are Decibel NYC - vol II
Decibel NYC
cat: DECNYCD04
rel: 12/09/2010
gen: house

In keeping with a promise and an ideal set at the launch of the label in 2006, Decibel NYC Recordings is proud to release the second biennial retrospective compilation from our catalog, showcasing tracks released between 2008 and 2010. These last 2 years have been marked by a deliberate focus on growth of the assets of the label, primarily our artists, producers and remixers, specially in developing their skills, crafting their unique sounds and talent, and refining their label identity. While we've only added 4 or 5 new artists to our roster, our core group saw a marked increase in the level and quality that was demanded of them as well as an individual push for them to hone their sounds, work on bigger projects, expand their fan base, solidify their web presence, broaden their avenues for publication and ultimately begin conceptualizing and working on individual full-length albums.
All this work - done by our tireless A&R department - is evident in the tracks featured on this second compilation, appropriately named "We Are Decibel NYC - vol II", which showcases the growth, the maturity and the strength of our chosen musical geniuses: from the opening track (You Can Do Better) which symbolically refers back to our launch in '06 to the unbelievable growth of our Portugal jewel Noxxer, to the introduction of Lou Peoples, Don Davenport, Digable7, DBell, to the resounding drumming of our Canadian pride Super Agent 33 to the ever-present and ground-breaking Undah-Dub. This compilation is a tribute to the effort and dedication of our entire staff, a gift to our fans and listeners, a road map to what's ahead for us in the near future.
Get your copy of this mixed compilation spanning mostly 2008 to 2010 of our release catalog and taste for yourself the diversity, the maturity, the ingenuity and the musical talent of the Decibel NYC Recordings family. If you like what you hear then invite your own family and friends to purchase a copy of DECNYCD04, add the previous volume (DECNYCD01) to your collection if you don't have it already, review us on your social networking sites, link to our website, play the mixset at your parties and gatherings, in your car, on your iPod, send us your feedback and let us know loud and clear if you appreciate who "We Are....."
Compiled, sequenced and mixed by The Undah-Dub

Track listing:
01 - The Undah-Dub presents Harlem Hustler - "You Can Do Better"
02 - The Undah-dub feat Style - "He Had Sex With A White Girl"
03 - Mad Cows - "Finish What You Started (stockpile remix)"
04 - J-Deep - "Charlie, I Don't Want No High (dj noxxer tech dub)"
05 - Vladimir Neuymin f/ Murat Hutov - "Erase The F*ckin System (ivi-r remix)"
06 - Super Agent 33 - "Pushin' Higher (massimilliano guaiana mix)"
07 - DBell - "G.A.A.N"
- The Undah-Dub - "Cheat, Rinse, Repeat" - interlude
08 - DJ Noxxer - "Tropikimal"
09 - The Undah-Dub feat Kitty Meow - "Rise Up (noxxer remix)"
10 - The Undah-Dub feat Digable7 - "Like Sex (what cums sex mix)"
11 - The Undah-Dub feat Grier - "Slinky Secrets (live mix)"
12 - The Undah-Dub - "Feel Me"
13 - Don Davenport - "Strut (long version)"