This Is My Kung Fu
Super Agent 33
cat: DECNYCD08
rel: 04/15/2016
gen: House

One of the 6 elements that contain the Universe
The disruptive Energy that courses through the earth
The energy that grounds You to your soul

A destructive Storm with infinite power to create
It is the Master of the soul
It is the source of Your deepest darkest desires
That forces Guilt to dissipate

It frees you to enjoy the Pleasures of free will
And release Your wildest dreams
For decades I have studied the ways of the elements
And now
I am One of the masters.

This is a Spell
To unleash the inescapable visions that haunt You each full moon
The soundtrack to the Perfect night out
Sit back

This is my KUNG FU
And it is Strong

Let's play…

All Tracks Produced by Super Agent 33. Music by E. Bellamy | #1, #2, #3, #5, #10, #12 - Lyrics and Vocals by Christopher J. Campbell | #4 - Lyrics and Vocals by Steve Ferguson | #6 - Lyrics and Vocals by Kimberly Bourgeois | #7 - Lyrics and Vocals by Marti-Guy Belanger | #8 - Lyrics by E. Bellamy. Vocals by Linda Bellamy, Heather Francois, Christopher Campbell | #9 - Lyrics and Vocals by E. Bellamy | Published by Sounds of M [BMI] | Photos by Nicolas Fotograf | CD Artwork by CJ Burken | A&R by Kevin Donaldson | Mastered at Lab152 Studios, NYC | Digital Web Design by CJ Burken for Burken Productions |